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Thai Babe, Cake Shows Us Her Tight Thai Pussy

I love Thai girls like Cake.  She is typical girl from around Bangkok who wasn’t that great in school but did okay. She’s smart girl, just not plugged-in or connected with some parts of society.  She is plugged in to sex and fun and having a good time. She likes her hairy pussy but for biz purposes she’ll trim it back a bit for the farang who like to eat her pussy.  She’s cool and nice about it but she dreams other dreams and those she keeps to herself.


We might Thai off Nana Plaza one night.  She got there late and after we bumped into her she decided she didn’t want to work at all. We went to a restaurant for some salads and beer.  While were there, we were in a booth, I asked her what she wanted to do later.  She took my hand and slid it under the table and into her shorts, directing my finger into her tight thai pussy.  She leaned over and licked my ear and said, “I want you to fill this up for me.  You can do it?”  “Yes, we can do it”, I laughed.


We finished up and walked outside.  After a short walk the cameraman left to get things ready.  Cake pulled me into an alley and rubbed my dick through my pants.  When we got into a nice dark spot, I admit I was a little worried…until she reached in my pants and pulled out my dick and got on her knees.  Within seconds she had her lips around the head and began to suck, stroking my balls while she practically inhaled my cock down her throat.  As my dick grew to full length, she looked up and smiled,  “Yes, you can fill me up!”  Sign up at JuicyBunny to see all of her hot scenes.  We took lots of pictures too. If you like real amateur girls, asian, latina, ebony and white girls from round the way, sign up at JuicyBunny.


Tight Thai Pussy Amateur Bee Spreads Wide at JuicyBunny


Thai amateur porn model Bee is a new addition to the girls at JuicyBunny.com.  She’s a hard working Bangkok girl trying to get through school to support her family so she’s picking up gigs anywhere and anytime she can get them.  She used to dream of flying off to Paris to become an International fashion model but family business and her lost for local cock put that dream on hold.  That and the fact she’s about a foot too short.  But she is tall enough for us.  You’ll love the way this little Thai butterfly can wrap her legs around someone nice and hard.  Check her photo sets and videos at JuicyBunny and if you make it to Thailand, book her for a gig yourself.

Amateur girl Pat has a very Tight Thai Pussy


Pat came over to the studio for her first session.  She wanted to show off her sexy boobs and how sweet and sexy Thai girls can be.  After looking through props and wardrobe she picked out this outfit to match the cute sun umbrella we found for her.  After this photo shoot she was very horny.  She’d been playing with her tight Thai pussy all afternoon and wanted to get it stuffed with some hard farang meat.  Sign up at JuicyBunny and see just what Pat got to stuff up her tight pussy.

Thai amateur Nan brings her tight Thai pussy to JuicyBunny


Thai Amateur Babe
Nan comes to us all the way from Bangkok.  We love Asian girls at JuicyBunny and Thai girls especially.  This was Nan’s first shoot for farang production team.  She was pretty nervous at first but quickly got excited when we showed her our big farang cocks.   If you want to see how horny this Thai amateur gets to have her tight Thai pussy imaled by western cck then sign up at JuicyBunny for all of her videos and photo sets.