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May is a delightful little fuck toy with a small body and a fat pussy. I was weary that she would be too shy or naive to get my creamer juices flowing,but May surprised me with an amazing array of sexual talents. She wasted no time by dropping to her knees and devouring my cock. Then I fucked her tight cunt from multiple positions before she finally took over and squatted over me and pumped her pussy like a piston up and down on my rod until I shot my oil deep inside her.

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A,What a Handful

A handful,a mouthful,and then another handful. I guess I’m summarizing my experience with A,a 19yr old Asian bar girl. Her tits were a handful,my cock was a mouthful,but her overall personality…well it was what we say a handful. The kind of girl that after 5 minutes you either want to walk a way from,or first dump your nut in their face and then…run away. I did just that and I have no regrets. I can cum all that much harder when I know I’m about to drop my wad on the face of a girl who totally deserves it. Who’s

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I Got My Visa

What a beauty! They don’t get anymore Asian looking than this week’s episode. Her name is Visa and she’s everywhere you want to be. If you like the real authentic Vietnam/Cambodian look,than this sexy 20 year old bar girl will definitely fulfill your sexual dreams. She didn’t have much sexual experience,but once my cock was buried in her mouth,I think instincts took over and she knew exactly what to do. Soon after I was fucking her warm tight pussy in various positions until my instincts took over and I unloaded what felt like a gallon of sperm deep inside her unprotected pussy.

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This amazing Asian girl walked into my office one day asking to use the bathroom. I started talking to her and invited her over to my house. She took a long time to come back,so I went upstairs to check on her…when I found her,she was on my bed taking her skimpy panties off. she still had her cute hat on while she was stripping…

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This cute Asian girl came one day to my house with me after i invited her for a beer. She started sucking on my cock as soon as i closed the door! Then,she pushed me on my back and started to ride me untill I almost exploded. Then she got off me and started sucking my dick again until i painted her face with my man juice.

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This girl has a glass face,Y’know the kind you see on most China Dolls! What I really wanted to do was blast her face with my milky cream,but in the end I just couldn’t help but blow my wad into her warm pussy.

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