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Oy’s Ass

Ok,what do you want me to write about this week’s Boom Boom episode? Do you want me to give you specifics about this absolutely amazing Asian suck doll who has the most perfect ass on any woman? I mean yes there are some amazing bubble butts in this world,but when it comes to Asian….you’re expecting an ASS that is small,firm,and shaped so perfectly that your cock and groin just melt into it like the last piece of a puzzle. Her name is Oy and she is the sweetest girl with a gorgeous body and a very hungry appetite to satisfy the urges of men and that means taking your load into her sweet young mouth. Now that you’ve read about,Join Now and VIEW this Asian Goddess get fucked and drink my sperm.


Poo Gets Pounded

What a young piece of hot Thai ass! Hairless pussy,cute little bubble butt and loves to get fucked. This is a girl that love to be penetrated and filled with sperm. I hold her down and inject her hairless pussy with a gallon of goo. This girl is as sweet as they cum.


Creampie Thais

Sow My Oats

Thai girls in general have a nice olive skin tone which they attentively try to keep as white looking as possible. However,on occasion you will stumble across a dark skinned beauty like this week’s cum dumpster. Sow is a 20 year old slut with a round and brown booty that just says BAM,fuck me! So I did,and did some more until I finally filled the inside of her pussy with a hot load of cum. It doesn’t matter what color a girl is because it’s all pink on the inside.


Creampie Thais

Fon sucks and swallows

Can you say WOW backwards? It doesn’t fucking matter because the result is still the same that’s because Fon is like so WOW hot! With a WOW body and umm WOW. There went my writing skills like I ever had any. Fon is something like 21 and she’s an Asian stunner with a great petite body,long hair,and a face that makes you want to breed with her. And guess what? I did just that,but that’s a whole different website for those creampie lovers. Want to see Fon Creampied? Then look for her at Creampie Thais. No no,This video was dedicated to Fon sucking me,fucking me and swallowing me! That’s right this Asian goddess actually swallowed the cum-of-sum-yung-guy except well I’m a bit older. It doesn’t matter,she swallowed and it’s all on video for you to see. Fon is one of the more popular Asian Suck Dolls,and after you see this scene you’ll know why!

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Dar swallows the jizz

This week’s Asian Suck Doll is 20 year old cumslut Dar. I remember the first time I saw Thai vixen Dar,she was spread eagle on the edge of a Jacuzzi tub fingering her moist Asian pussy,it was lust at first sight! I immediately took her up to a short time room and dropped a gallon of cum inside her pussy. That was then. Well imagine my surprise when I get an email from Dar saying she wants to swallow my cum! Who the hell am I to say no?? Thirty minutes after reading the email,Dar was on her knees and sucking the life out of my cock. After getting the most amazing head,I had to feel that tight cunt again. Her pussy was just like I remembered it,bald and beautiful! I wanted so desperately to shoot my load inside of her,but then I remembered the email. I pulled my cock out of her vaginal paradise and dropped my spam straight down her in box.

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Nat Gets Nailed

Hey all you Creampie freaks! Do you know what an Asian S-P-I-N-N-E-R is? Well look below at the 85lb. piece of Asian ass I discovered this week. We normally define a spinner as a fuck toy that is less than 100lbs and you can basically just sit her on your cock and spin her round n round n round. Let’s face it,the fantasy concept of having a HOT rotating pussy just going up n down on your pole til you blast your load deep inside her fuck tunnel is like umm WOW! Well,Nat is definitely a spinner and I was lucky enough to fuck her tiny pussy and fill it with my large load.

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